I miss all my friends from this fandom, if you are reading this and we used to talk, please message me. I love you all.

Hahaha oh my are you actually being serious right now?! Oh wow sorry I did not realise that I had to post every single day to run a blog.

5 months? Hell kid I have been running this blog for nearly 2 years! I have met so many great people in this fandom along the way. If I say so myself I used to be quote a large blog in this fandom, I was there when it bloody started out.

And yes for the last few months I haven’t posted as much, but that’s because I had so much school work and normal work. I also set up my American horror story blog.

No I will not delete my blog because you do understand the amount of time I have put into it. Including appearance, making GIFs, research, creating posts. My list goes on.

If you’re so ‘high up’ in the fandom, as you seem to be acting. Why don’t you come of anon?!

Piss off.

This is how I feel when people call Jackie Kennedy “Jackie O”





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Aw aw aw, this has actually brought loads of memories up from what my blog used to be like. Ah I miss all of my Kennedy fandom friends. If anybody such as Bryana and Alexa are reading this. MISS YOU )):

I know the fandom has got massive. I remember there used to only be like 30 blogs now there are a few 100!!